What can you do with us?

Why we Enchanted time with Maiko provide the service?

There are many assets in Kyoto, culture and structural that represent Japan, an continue to attract so many people from abroad every year.

Our thoughts have been wonder whether the tourists from all over the world, are satisfied by just sightseeing in and around Kyoto, or maybe there should be another way to make their trip much more special.

Hence, we aim to introduce the Maiko culture to the world by offering a new way of directly communicating with Maiko, and therefore making a rare and memorable time spent in Kyoto.


All of our guests will be given a precious time at the event in Gion, and enable you to have a private chat with Maiko, to take pictures and to play the traditional Ozashiki games whilst enjoying beautiful Kyoto cuisine.

It is one of few places where you can experience one of the deepest Japanese traditions – “Maiko culture”.

We think it is absolutely important to have this type of encounter during your trip. Maiko, the staff and the compare – and even other guests – are really looking forward to meeting you and spending some time with you.

Please allow us to help you to make your night in Kyoto a very memorable one.


※We do not have an area for parking bikes or cars. So please do not come or bring with them.

If you do choose to arrive with a car or a bike, please use the parking lot nearby.

※During the event, you are going to sit on the tatami. It means you will be sitting on the floor without a  chair. If you have problems on your knee or legs , please let us know. 

※ We are afraid that the request for dietary restriction needs to be done in advance. We couldn't make a change to your course meal at our restaurant.


Maiko Dance​

Maiko will perform an elegant and gorgeous dance for you in their beautiful kimono. We hope you will enjoy this performance which they practice daily to perfect. Please feel free to capture the special moment in pictures or videos.

Photo Shooting

You are free to take pictures with Maiko. You may also take pictures and videos during the dance and ozashiki-asobi events. Be sure to take this opportunity to capture your exclusive Kyoto experience in picture and film. You’ ll receive pictures taken by staff after the event.

Ozashiki Game 

The Ozashiki asobi experience involves playing traditional games with Maiko. Rather than merely watching, you can have even more enjoyment from interacting with Maiko through these games. If you can beat Maiko in a game, you will receive a small gift, so please try your luck.

Conversation with Maiko

Maiko will take turns visiting each group. This is a valuable opportunity to speak with the girls, so feel free to ask them whatever is on your mind. Our guide will be translator for guests who cannot speak Japanese.


We can accept your food restrictions such as allergy, vegetarian, halal and more.

When you make a reservation, please fill out the food restriction column and then we will prepare the menu for you.


Our staff, who speak English, are very friendly and very definitely happy to support you at the event.

We are proud of the staff who have lots of experiences abroad and in many different countries.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions, such as sightseeing spots both in Japan and Kyoto, or about your next plan on your trip to the staff. They are here to try their best to help you as they all love to communicate with our guests.

We believe that you will find our staff very good at looking after guests, and try their best to make your trip very special, and go towards making the special night that you will never forget.

We all look forward to meeting and chatting with you.



Welcome to Enchanted Time with Maiko, everyone! I’ll be your interpreter for your night with Maiko. We are here to make your night in Kyoto awesome and I will make sure my team and I do our best to have you a wonderful and valuable time with us. 
Please feel free to ask us anything, we would love to give you some travel tips as well. 
I’m looking forward to seeing you all very soon!


Restaurant name:

Yasaka-Dori Enraku

594 Komatsucho Yasakadori, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0811, Kyoto Prefecture

Famous Landmarks nearby

Yasaka Shrine

10 mins by walk

One of the most famous shrines in Kyoto. The main gate is painted with vermilion. When you see it for the first time, you would be surprised by it.

Kenninji Temple

Within 5 mins by walk

This is also famous temple. The main building which is located in the middle of its site was built more than 400 years ago.

Kiyomizu Temple

10 mins by a taxi

This temple is really famous in Kyoto.

It is huge and traditional for everyone, I think. Also, you can find a lot of souvenir shop near this temple.

Hanami Koji St.

10 mins by walk

This street is very charming and quaint.

If you have luck you could see Maiko or Geisha who are going to work on the street. 

Show here when you get a TAXI !!!

​And then the taxi take you to Yasaka-Dori Enraku !!




京都府 京都市東山区大和大路通四条下る東入小松町594−3

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