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Guest from the U.S.

I can tell you  I have just experienced with my daughter one of the best and most authentic nights I have had in all of Japan, here in Kyoto. When I talk about the food, I can tell you it was fantastic. When I talk about Maiko, It was an experience that took me back hundreds of years in time and made me feel like I was special. Anybody does not me here is missing something big in Japan. It is authentic. It is exceptional. And, you will laugh. And, you will drink. And, you will have more fun you could have anywhere in all of japan. Come here!!

Guests from Spain

Actually, we come here because we saw this place on the internet through Trip Advisor. We thought it will be a nice experience in Japan and Kyoto. And we are very glad we took it because it was amazing. The experience of talking with real Maiko was very nice and she was very friendly. Actually, something we could not expect that at the beginning. You could talk to her and ask her whatever question you have. She will reply very nicely. Also, you will be playing some games, drinking games which I lost all of them, but there were a lot of fun. It's a great experience. Thank you very much for the nice night and we wish all the best for you guys. Thank you. 

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Guests from the U.K.

Guests from the U.S.

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